The Making is viewing to create a world wide Network of like-minded artists, collectors, galleries, auction houses, museums, foundations, local authority offices and venues, for the joint creation of special projects and events bridging Publics and Cultures. We bring our enthusiasm for art, which we consider a fundamental human expression and experience, in our endeavour to create the conditions in which artistic and cultural activities can happen and be sustained across countries.

The Making deals primarily in the Arts field, seeking to make a substantial contribution to the cultural life of the communities by offering projects, works and events of high aesthetic quality, presenting worthwhile exhibitions and publishing scholarly catalogues. The Making is dedicated to promote and to increase public awareness of the role of contemporary Arts and Cultures.

The Making wants to be an ideal neural network of interconnected individuals and organizations, whose cultural activities may signal and define a recognizable communication circuit able to send potentiality or artistic actions beyond Cultures and States borders . As a neural network, we want to become functionals interconnections that influence each other, an adaptive cultural system that changes its structure based on external and internal information that flows across the network.

The Making recognize her own activity and that of those who take part in it as a system of open learning, where the participants are input nodes of cultural signals and the output nodes of cultural development which is literally offered to anyone, as a potential additional reprocessing node and transmitter to subsequent nodes.

The Making aims to constitute a network where the flow of information, to continue our neural metaphor, is not only bidirectional, but propagates among the neural layers, jumping from one layer to another, among the components of any layer and promoting the spread of new information in any individual component of a given layer.

Our paradigm is the mathematical model of John J. Hopfield, where the so-called Hopfield Net is distinguished by "the spontaneous emergence of new computational capabilities from the collective behavior of large numbers of simple processing elements," The Making aims to promote new capabilities of artistic and cultural processes emerging from the collective behavior of different clusters of subjects, depending on the project, producing a collective cultural memory, which is able to create new cultural configurations that may help in the recovery and distribution of data and cultural information from around the world, to the world.