who we are

The Making is a company devoted to Art Management

We strive to balance a multi purposes activity, including the fulfillment of aesthetic, artistic visions and expressions with concepts such as marketing, strategic planning, outputs and impacts and it is our primary task to utilize these ideas with an uncompromising dedication to the enhancement of the human experience we call Art. To achieve this goal while balancing commercial needs and constraints is what we call success.

We assume as our mandate the creation of conditions in which artistic or cultural activities can occur and be sustained in a number of different settings: in art organizations and cultural agencies, local authority offices and venues, during festivals and special projects and events.
We believe Artistic Vision takes priority over market considerations and consider Art Management a form of Problem Solving Routine, with our managers being idealistic, risk-taking entrepreneurs that need to anticipate and deal with Change, Knowledge and the sharing of Knowledge.

We welcome and assess inquiries and offers of cooperation for international projects and events.